Over 65% of neurologists believe that payers will make generic Copaxone a step edit in multiple sclerosis therapy, according to Spherix Global Insights, GmbH

September 28, 2015 – Zug, Switzerland –Feedback gathered from 99 neurologists in the most recent release of RealTime Dynamix: Multiple Sclerosis reveals that the uptake of generic Copaxone will most likely be driven by payers. Most neurologists surveyed believe that payers will force their hand in prescribing Sandoz’s Glatopa, and most had no clinical reason to make the switch. Andrew Deslaurier, Neurology Franchise Head, states that “Glatopa gives payers their first opportunity to begin to control a market where they have had little influence. With new data on the horizon for ocrelizumab, payers may need to begin building a defense strategy”.

Other key insights from the research

Testing for the JC virus is becoming widespread across therapies, which seems to be driving an increased tolerance of major infections, particularly in the first switch market. With now a third case of PML in the Tecfidera population, it will be interesting to see if testing and training has blunted the impact of these additional cases.

While Tysabri is still perceived as most vulnerable to new entrants, most neurologists believe that their patients are well-controlled on existing marketed products. Regardless of safety or efficacy, respondents agree that their current tools enable them to care for most of their patients. At recent congresses, companies were messaging heavily on the value of MRI-based switches, but respondents still believe that disability and relapse are the most relevant criteria for driving clinical decisions. While the broader market options make driving switches more attractive; neurologists remain aligned to traditional measures of success. A more detailed look at switching dynamics in the multiple sclerosis market will be provided in RealWorld Dynamix: DMA Brand Switching Drivers.

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