An innovative market research and business intelligence firm has been formed, Spherix Global Insights, GmbH. The firm will conduct highly focused, specialty market research with physicians, patients and other healthcare providers in nephrology, neurology, pulmonology and rheumatology.

Spherix Global Insight’s worldwide headquarters are based in Zug, Switzerland, a leading center of biotech and pharmaceutical innovation.

As the pharmaceutical industry has shifted from introducing “blockbuster” drugs aimed a primary care audience to the development of more novel, targeted therapies, the need for specialty-focused strategies has increased significantly. “We are thrilled to launch this new venture as we are certain that we can add significant value to our clients by truly becoming partners in their quest to gain comprehensive, accurate and timely insights for the specialties they cover” says Jennifer Robinson, Founder and President of Spherix Global Insights.

Spherix differentiates itself from other market research vendors by concentrating on two primary factors: a focus on a selected specialty markets and a leadership team of seasoned and savvy directors who have deep knowledge and expertise within those areas. Additionally, Spherix partners with leading international opinion leaders for enhancement of market understanding. The firm manages its own network of healthcare providers as opposed to outsourcing this critical function. According to Ms. Robinson, “Spherix couples its specialty market expertise with large-scale primary market research supported by rigorous analytics. It is this combination that builds better insights for our clients.”

Spherix will begin publishing its first specialized syndicated reports in March.

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