Spherix Global Insights is proud to announce the opening of its US headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. “Cambridge is well known as the leading hub for biotech research and it provides access to a vast talent pool of entrepreneurial individuals in the pharmaceutical and technological industries,” says Kevin Robinson, COO of Spherix. “Furthermore, it places us in close proximity to many of our clients, so it is an ideal location for us.”

Spherix is a newly formed international company with worldwide headquarters based in Zug, Switzerland. The firm will conduct highly focused, specialty market research with physicians, patients and other healthcare providers in nephrology, neurology, pulmonology and rheumatology.

Spherix Global Insights is currently recruiting top marketing and business insights talent from the biopharmaceutical industry to serve as their Insights Management team. “The fact that our Insights Directors have spent time on the client side is an enormous advantage for Spherix. It means we can help clients translate our research findings into actionable insight and we understand what that means in the context of strategy” says Ian Vessey, Managing Director at Spherix. “At a time when we are being inundated with “Big Data” and many core market research functions are being outsourced, the need for better market knowledge is growing. You simply can’t automate insight.”

Spherix will begin publishing their first specialized syndicated reports in March.

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