Janssen’s Tremfya (guselkumab) Makes its Debut in the Psoriasis Market and Early Dermatologist Feedback Reveals that Distinction from Stelara and the IL-17 Inhibitors will be Key to Success

According to recent data released from Spherix Global Insights, early US dermatologist’s views of Tremfya leave ground to be covered

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EXTON, Pa., Aug. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — At two weeks post launch, only half of the surveyed US dermatologists (n=104) were aware of Tremfya’s approval when aided. Furthermore, less than one in five report high familiarity with the most recently launched biologic and fewer than one in ten have prescribed Tremfya. However, despite room for growth in terms of awareness, future projections are positive, with over one-third of current non-users anticipating trial within the next three months.

Possible barriers to rapid uptake will come in the form of differentiation from the existing biologics, namely Janssen’s own Stelara, as well as from the IL-17 inhibitors, Novartis’ Cosentyx and Lilly’s Taltz. In response to Tremfya’s launch, one respondent questioned, “What contribution does Tremfya provide in a sea of psoriasis options?” While close to half of the respondents feel that Tremfya is a significant advance over the TNF inhibitors and Celgene’s Otezla, only one in five believe it is a significant advance over the IL-17 inhibitors or Stelara.

Additionally, a number of respondents note a general lack of knowledge and voiced some confusion regarding Tremfya’s mechanism of action. Others appear to be under the impression that the biologic was an IL-17 inhibitor and several noted that Tremfya is associated with a suicide risk; implying a potential confusion between Tremfya and Siliq, Valeant’s recently approved IL-17 inhibitor that carries a black box warning for suicidal ideation. The lack of knowledge can partially be explained by low sales representative contact rates, with only one-third of the sampled dermatologists reporting contact to date. As Tremfya penetrates the market and representative contact rates increase it can be assumed that this confusion will dissipate.

The third quarter update of RealTime Dynamix™: Psoriasis, which will field at the end of August, will include an in depth analysis and tracking of Tremfya’s launch and will also highlight benchmark launch comparisons to Taltz, Lily’s IL-17 inhibitor which was approved in 2016. At one month post-launch, 86% of dermatologists were aware of Taltz’s approval, one-third reported use of the IL-17 inhibitor, and two-thirds had been briefed by a sales representative – all metrics Tremfya needs to match or exceed for successful entry into this increasingly competitive market.

RealTime Dynamix: Psoriasis is an independent report series published on a quarterly basis. The series tracks the evolution of the PsO market, provides a deep dive on launch effectiveness, and highlights opportunities for pipeline agents.

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