Eli Lilly’s Taltz Gaining Ground in Psoriasis Market, Leaving Novartis’ Cosentyx at Risk in 2017, according to Spherix Global Insights

Though Cosentyx significantly leads the PsO market in biologic patient share and satisfaction; over 100 surveyed US dermatologists’ projected share at six months out reveals the two IL-17 inhibitors as neck and neck.

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Nov. 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — At just over six months post launch, US dermatologists report a significant increase in familiarity with Eli Lilly’s IL-17 inhibitor, coupled with a significant increase in the Taltz user base from prior quarters. Current users of Taltz expect to double their use in the next three months while one-third of all non-users intend to trial Taltz within the same time frame.

With increased trial and familiarity, the battle for IL-17 domination in PsO ensues as dermatologists continue their struggle to distinguish the two IL-17 inhibitors in the PsO market. Though Cosentyx benefits from its first-to-market status and dermatologist comfort, Taltz appears to be making headway as a more efficacious option with slightly more convenient dosing options, and a high quality patient support program.

Furthermore, projected biologic patient share in the next six months reveals that US dermatologists anticipate Taltz will catch up to Cosentyx. Indeed, the two IL-17 inhibitors are anticipated to each capture a similar amount of biologic treated PsO patients by the first half of the new year. Promising for both drugs is that the entire class of IL-17s is expected to increase, primarily off-setting anti-TNF agents but also stopping Stelara in its tracks.

Potential new market entrants, including Valeant’s Siliq (brodalumab), Janssen’s guselkumab, Boehringer Ingelheim/AbbVie’s risankizumab, Merck/Sun Pharma’s tildrakizumab, and UCB’s bimekizumab will undoubtedly impact the ever-evolving PsO landscape. Indeed, though the fate of Siliq is yet to be revealed, two-thirds of dermatologists agree that the associated suicide risk is a huge deterrent to their use. Despite this, half agree that if the product is priced cheaper than Taltz and Cosentyx, they will prescribe it prior to those agents.

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